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Monday, September 5, 2016

ART Themes - Comprehensive List Of The Best Drupal Themes

WordPress is not the only CMS – check out some of the best themes available for designers building websites in Drupal.

The internet is full of web design inspiration if you're learning how to start your a blog or website. There's also a number of web themes available for different content management systems, including Drupal.

There are nearly one million sites in more than 180 languages currently using the Drupal CMS. That might not be as many as WordPress, but with a massive online community with more than 26,000 developers constantly building and offering themes and resources, it's safe to assume that Drupal is a viable alternative for building your website on an open source CMS platform.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best paid-for Drupal themes to be found on the web: ART Themes

Price: Regular licence $39

Art Creative is one of the nicest Drupal themes specializing in Creative art, styling, fashion trends and everything in between. The fluid responsiveness of the designed consolidated by bunches of crucial modules and pre-designed layouts together with Drupal Commerce integration will strongly impress your customers right at the first sight. Browse Art Creative for more unmatched features today! 

Price: Regular licence $39

Art Corporate, a corporate Drupal Theme, designed with flexible scalability and Retina display will certainly satisfy your needs for various realms and industries. The theme packs itself with tons of practical modules (eg. Slider revolution, Mega menu, Pro shortcodes...), a powerful backend panel and Drupal Commerce integration, which altogether facilitate you to create a stunning look for your website just in a mouse click-away.

ART Business

Price: Regular licence $39

Art Business is an elegant and responsive Drupal theme suitable for every realm of business including small and medium sized enterprises to incorporations, personal and companies and so on. It is also phenomenal for tons of modules and pre-designed layouts/ footers/ headers, Drupal commerce, Slider revolution made available and ready-to-use, which definitely save you lots of time and money. Browse Art Business for more compelling features now.

ART Agency

Price: Regular licence $39

Art Agency is a fully responsive and retina ready Drupal theme which is suitable for all kinds of agencies, incorporations, personal, and shops etc. The theme developed on Drupal 7.x will empower you to control the frontend and backend effectively and securely. In addition, loads of modules and pre-defined layouts/ headers/ footers and working shortcodes... will act as a momentum for your website in the race of innovation. Get ready to check it right away?

ART Shop

Price: Regular licence $39

Art Shop is a modern and responsive Drupal theme ideal for online shops showcasing various kinds of products, services, and other items. Developed on Drupal 7.x, Art Shop embraces a stable architecture and flexible backend management which paves the way for a comfortable and secure shopping experience and an effortless control for the admin himself at the same time. Come with tons of modules and pre-defined layouts and Drupal Commerce, Art Shop should be your best bargain today.

ART Freelancer

Price: Regular licence $39

The last one on our list, Art Freelancer Drupal Theme emphasizes useful and modern features for every Freelance agency, Group or Freelancer. It is uniquely designated to leverage the quality of each person joining the freelance community and highlight their work profile. If you choose to start your freelance business today, or become a freelancer yourself then Art Freelancer should match you perfectly as a fundamental start-up incentive. Check Art Freelancer for more compelling features.